Wandering Witch Vol. 19 Special Edition with Drama CD - Slated for September 14th


[GA Novel] The Wandering Witch Light Novel series vol. 19 Special Edition with Drama CD” cover illustration slated for release this coming September 14, 2022, titled “Elaina in a Town Café”. Azure drew the cover illustration.

Wandering Witch Vol. 19 Special Edition cover illustration – “Elaina in a Town Café” drawn by Azure

Wandering Witch Vol. 19 Special Edition With Drama CD is reported to have the largest number of pre-orders, the highest in the Wandering Witch series.

Wandering Witch Vol. 19 Special Editio Drama CD

Additionally, there is also a regular edition “Elaina Summer Vacation” still drawn by Azure and is also slated for September 14.

Wandering Witch vol 19″ cover illustration – Regular Edition “Elaina Summer Vacation” drawn by Azure


Once upon a time, there was a witch, her name is Elaina. These girls who have a connection with her continue to reappear in this volume. The girl who can see the future, the fake witch with great luck, two close sisters who have recently been crossing paths. The two female students with their historical expedition, the beautiful young lady who is good at making magic potions, and the mysterious letter-writer.

The “Coal Witch” and the beautiful woman who understands the language of things. The grieving “Lavender Witch ” and the “Charcoal Witch”. These girls, whose lives were drastically changed by their encounter with the Ashen Witch. Sometimes fighting, sometimes supporting each other, they tell a new story.

“I hope you won’t underestimate the traveling witch too much!”Popular characters reunite! Witness them as they take a new step forward.

魔女の旅々 #WanderingWitch

© Shiraishi Jougi, SB Creative / Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Production Committee

Sources: MajoTabi PRミウラー(GA文庫)


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