Meet The Team

Founder & Chief Editor

Yel Bejoc is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of AniToons+, as well as the Head Administrator of ATCGI Community Groups. He administers and controls all content produced on AniToons+’s website and social channels, as well as creating original content. He also creates the brand’s design and templates. He enjoys watching anime and has a flair for arts and design. He’s a BMMA student pursuing Graphic Design as well. You can reach out to him at

Executive Editor

Eezy Wilder is an executive editor at AniToons+ who specializes in News Researching, Content Creation, and Memes. His wide range of knowledge of Anime mixed with popular culture enables him to produce interesting content from any resource given. Also, he’s pretty quick.


John Ruskin Saluria is a contributing editor at AniToons+ with the typical task of creating visuals for anime birthdays, news, and seiyuu birthdays. He likes to watch anime in his leisure time and prefers the genres Slice of Life, Rom-com, Sci-fi, Idol, and Comedy. He’s also a big fan of seiyuus and manages other pages such as Is the Order a Blend Seiyuu?, Love Seiyuu Paradise, and Seiyuu Corner.

Romeo Godoy is a contributing editor at AniToons+. He mostly watches anime but he’s also a Marvel and DC fan. His playlist consists of mainly anime opening and ending themes, loves mountain hiking. In his free time, he either goes out with friends or stays at home to catch up on some of his much-awaited shows.


Brahm Daniel Verano is an Anime News Editor at AniToons+. He is a self-admitted otaku and an I.T. student with a passion for Journalism and Technology. When not writing, you can find him watching anime.

Jon Pierre Kristov is a contributing writer at AniToons+. He's a lover of all things Moe and particularly loves Slice of Life  shows like Yuru Camp, Non Non Biyori and is a big fan of AoButa, Uma Musume and Mother Of Goddess' Dormitory. His passions include all things angling, camping, hiking and mountaineering. He hopes to own a micro-brewery one day and his day jobs range from a free lance marine researcher to a sport fishing consultant.

Other Contributing Members

Yano Changi is in charge of AniToons+’s character video and appreciation content. She loves watching slice-of-life anime like K-on, Love Live, Lycoris Recoil, and others. When not producing content, you can find her reading manga, her favorite title is A Monster Wants to Eat Me.

Kied D. Kaito joined AniToons+ as a news researcher in late 2022. He has contributed news materials to the team since then. One Piece, Dandadan, and Frieren are three of his favorite manga titles. In addition to that, Kied believes that anime relieves stress.

Notable Members

Jomari Valenciano was our former executive editor & content creator at AniToons+ He managed new recruits and initiated our past seasonal anime polls and other seasonal content and has helped the team greatly before.

Deni Kharisma was once our former content creator and editor at AniToons+. He initiated our previous content published: Character Of The Week (COTW) and has made contributions since then.