Recommending Weathering With You: Of Love and Climate Change

This week, I’m recommending another film by Mamoru Hosoda — Weathering With You. Ever wondered about having the ability to bring out sunshine? The summer of his freshman year, Hodaka runs away to bustling, ever-raining Tokyo and falls for Hina, a girl who seems able to manipulate the weather. (Synopsis via Netflix.)

Why You Should Watch It

Following the amazing award-winning movie “Your Name”, Director Makoto Shinkai presents “Weathering with You” — a fantasy movie set in rainy modern Tokyo. Just at first glance, the movie is filled with beautiful aesthetics, character design, environmental art, and flawless animation. Truly visually pleasing.

But it’s not all that, no. The story also flows at a compelling pace with light comedy, drama, and action. It also features lovely music compositions by the band RADWIMPS.

Weathering With You

There are plenty more reasons why I’m recommending Weathering With You. The unusual ability to control the weather is undeniably something we all daydreamed about. The idea of helping people in need of “sunshine” is a charming one. However, power comes at a price.

While it is not as mystical with its plot twists as its predecessor, Weathering with You still strongly presents its characters with raw personalities and stories. The conflicts are real and they get more and more out of hand. Amidst the gray landscape and the floods, comes a ray of sunshine and in those moments, the movie truly feels like it is on to something.

Anime fan or not, everybody deserves it — whether you’re looking for the meaning of life or want a good-feels-drama viewing experience, this one should be on the list for you. Watch the full trailer below:

Weathering With You (2019) is a romantic fantasy animated film produced by CoMix Wave Films. It was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. It won many awards, including the Japanese Academy Prize for Best Animation Film. Makoto Shinkai shares his inspiration in this interview.

If it’s your cup of tea, add it to your watch list now! Comment your thoughts or favorite moments below. Read more on the site! You can also visit  AniToons+’ Facebook and Instagram.

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This anime recommendation is written by Carla Bianca.

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