AniToons+ Seasonal Anime Roundup; Fall 2023 ONA & OVAs

Often overlooked by the causal anime watcher, either due to availability or just not knowing that they exist or how they fit into the storyline of the title they're attached to. OVAs, specials, and ONA (web) releases are almost always worth the time it takes to watch them. Typically, they either expand on a relevant side story, offer side characters a chance to evolve, or allow shorter story arcs to shine. Are you unsure about what to watch in the upcoming season? Get up to date on what's being released by reading below.

Gundam Build Metaverse (ONA)

Slated to be three episodes long and debuting on October 6th, this short web series serves as the celebration of the first decade anniversary of the Gundam Build Franchise. Produced by Asashi Production and animated by Sunrise Beyond, this is a must for any Gundam fan and serves as a short watch for any mecha fans looking to kill some time.


Good Night World (ONA)

Produced by Sonilude and Mixer and animated by NAZ, this video game-themed release begins airing on October 12th. Centered around the online game "Planet", the story revolves around a broken real-life family unknowingly plays together. As their online counterparts strive to complete the game, the offline world intrudes on their pastime, ultimately entangling their real-world counterparts.

Boku no Hero Academia: UA Heroes Battle (OVA)

Set to air on October 20th, with a special preview scheduled for October 13th, the newest addition to the BHA franchise will center around Mirio Togata and the “Yuuei Heroes Battle" card game. The OVA will be animated by Bones.

Mask Danshi; This Shouldn’t Lead To Love (OVA)

Fans of boys' love rejoice, as Tsuzuru and Keigo's story finally leaps from the printed page to our screens. Set for an October 20th release, produced by Blue Lynx and animated by Studio Fusion, the OVA will be coupled with the manga's fourth volume.


Pluto (ONA)

For fans of psychological and mecha anime, the long-awaited Pluto receives its first anime adaptation. Produced by Genco and Tezuka Productions and animated by Studio M2. In a world co-inhabited by humans and robots, one in which even robots are hailed and revered as war heroes. The story follows the work of a robotic Europol detective known as Gesicht, who undertakes an investigation to solve the murder of the legendary Swiss robot Montblanc. His investigations soon delve into conspiracies, mysterious entities, and circumstances in which morality and hate threaten to tear apart a peaceful co-inhabited world. To air on October 25th.


Onimusha (ONA)

Scheduled to begin airing on November 2nd, this game based historical/samurai ONA will also appeal to paranormal and horror junkies. Animated by Sublimation and airing on Netflix as one of their many fall offerings. The show promises to be the intro to a much larger work.

Akuma-kun (ONA)

Coming to Netflix on November 9th, the newest addition to the long-established Akuma-kun series will be animated by Encourage Films and produced by Toei Animation. For horror and supernatural junkies, this show is right up your alley.

Ensemble Stars!! Tsuioku Selection Crossroad (ONA)

Produced by Happy Elements and animated by DandeLion Animation Studios the newest addition to the Ensemble Stars! The franchise begins airing on November 10th. Adapted from the "Crossroads" game this male idol drama is the sole music-based ONA to air in fall. 


Princess Principal; Cost For Custom Cars (OVA)

This upcoming Bandi Namico offering is the second title of the season that is meant as a bonus OVA. Releasing alongside the Blu-ray for Princess Principal: Crown Handler - Chapter 3 on November 22nd. For fans of spies, historical dramas, and cute girls, this is the show for you.

Onmyouji (ONA)

Another addition to fall's supernatural line-up, set to air on November 28. Animated by Marvy Jack, the show will tell the story of Onmyouji Abe no Seimei.

Also expected this fall are the Shin Yaranai Ka and Tensura’s “Coleus Dream” though no air date has been announced for either of these shows.

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